Aromatherapy for Natural Living | The A-Z Reference of Essential Oils Remedies for Health, Beauty, and the Home


Steeped in thousands of years of history, aromatherapy treatment is scientifically proven to be both effective and safe. It is the preferred health-management method of many alternative medicine practitioners.

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Aromatherapy for Natural Living is your clear, comprehensive guide to harnessing the restorative properties of aromatherapy. Sooth, treat, and heal your body the way nature intended.

A comprehensive guide, Aromatherapy for Natural Living demystifies the chemistry and uses of essential oil remedies, enabling you to apply their healing influences to improve body, beauty and home.

  • Enjoy enhanced immunity and improved wellness with over 400 aromatherapy recipes
  • Explore the origins and evolution of aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Master the “50 most essential” essential oils and apply them in your aromatherapy practice
  • From chemical compound to your cellular response, take a peek “behind the scents” and discover how each ingredient in aromatherapy actually works

Boost your energy and reduce your stress. Nourish your skin and strengthen your immunity. Enhance your memory and relieve discomfort―Aromatherapy for Natural Living is you’re A-Z guide for all these things and everything in between.

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