Why Aromatherapy Massage Is Important To You

It is a type of therapy in which the massage is done with the use of essential oils added to the massage cream and lotions. The massage not only relaxes the body but the scents of the essential oils also relax the mind and the nerves leaving you stress-free and completely at peace.

The Aromatherapy Massage is done according to your body needs and stress level and on the same behalf, essential oils are selected. This therapy will not only relax you but also solve many of your health related issues.

Aromatherapy Massage techniques:

With the use of essential oils, two important techniques are used in the aromatherapy that plays a major role in the relaxation of the body and mind. These techniques are:

  • Massage:

Massage help your body to relax, using the essential oils with the carrier oils for a better and long lasting effect you can give yourself a massage or ask someone to do it for you.

Make sure that you take the massage before sleep at it will be more effective. Moreover, your body should be warm and skin should be dry for the proper effect of the aromatherapy.

  • Inhalation:

During the massage, inhalation technique is also administered for the other benefits that a person can gain from aromatherapy. Either for this, a few drops of essential oil are poured on a napkin and the patient is asked to inhale it or he is given a hot bath and essential oil drops are poured into the water. This technique is more effective for gaining all the benefits of the therapy and the essential oils.

Essential oils used for Aromatherapy Massage:

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

The most commonly used essential oils for aromatherapy are:

  • Eucalyptus oil for the treatment of respiratory problems
  • Lavender oil for calming and as pain reliever
  • Lemon oil as anti-depressant
  • Peppermint oil to solve digestive problems and relieve congestion
  • Tea tree oil for healing small wounds

Aromatherapy Massage benefits:

Apart from relaxation and reducing stress, this massage will provide you with many major benefits like:

  • It will relieve all kinds of body pains like a headache and muscle pain.
  • It will help you relax tired muscles
  • It will improve the body’s blood circulation system
  • It will help you keep your blood pressure in control
  • This massage will act as a toxin removal from the body
  • This therapy will improve the skin texture by removing the dead cells
  • It will resolve your digestive problems
  • Improves the immunity system of the body


After this therapeutic massage, you might experience a few reactions like thirst, yawning, frequent urination, sweating, and gas but all these reactions are normal and will produce no harm to your body.

So for a mood uplift, relaxation and relieving stress you must consult your therapist and consider taking this massage once in a while for the positive effects. It will give you an amazing relaxation with only a few right strokes.