Easy Memory Trick to Dilute Essential Oils for Skin

Essential oils shouldn’t be made use of straight (“cool”) on your skin. Figure out the math to thin down any type of portion effectively, including quantities for babies, kids, and children.

You can make use of coconut oil, olive oil, or any type of carrier oil, and always remember the “1:3:1” in order to help you obtain it perfect!

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Dydy G. says:

Hello! thanks for this video. I’m a francophone but I do understand your tricks! it’s so explicit. love you

Akansha Mohana says:

can i use sandalwood oil

Katie Kimball says:

Hi Akansha, I’ve never used sandalwood myself, but if you have a recipe that calls for it to be applied to the skin, just follow the numbers in the video to see what percentage to dilute it.

ruffyatutube says:

But how would this apply when you want to add several EOs mixed into the carrier?
Do we figure each EO on its own percentage, or do we accumulate them in the calculation of percentage?

Katie Kimball says:

That’s such a good question @ruffyatutube ! I have to say that I’ve never looked this up but always went with accumulated total. The aromatherapists at Plant Therapy are super with answering questions like this – worth checking them out. 🙂

kim whittington says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

Bill Admond says:

This video is about mixing carrier oils with essential oils so you should avoid making misleading statements regarding oils cannot be mixed with water, just don’t touch the argument because oils CAN be diluted with water by using the opportune products.

Katie Kimball says:

Fair point Bill – I just don’t want people to think that mixing with water for *topical* application would be a good idea. Thanks for clarifying – Katie

Amina says:

What carrier oil would you recommend for Eucalyptus oil?

Katie Kimball says:

No carrier is better than another for certain oils @amina – so it shouldn’t matter. You should know that eucalyptus is not kid-safe, just keep that in mind if you have little ones.

Alex Hobson says:

Amina can sunflower oil work?

Angela says:

was that “mistake” of an additional drop intended to show us ?

Katie Kimball says:

🙂 It’s easy to fix mistakes.

KNkid says:

thanks a million.

Alicia c says:

Hello great vid!
I just had one question, what carrier oil did you use?

Katie Kimball says:

fractionated coconut oil. Even plain olive oil works too though.

souperflipboi says:

2 teaspoons (10 ml) CO for every 3 drops EO. Got it. Thanks. That was easy.

Fleur Fouchard says:

Best video ever 🙂

Michelle Casira says:

Excellent video, especially for someone new to EO.

coffeedesbeans says:

Great video!

7MXG says:

hey do you/anyone know if water is considered to be a carrier oil for topical(if yes, same rules apply?) as mentioned here aromaweb.com/articles/dilutingessentialoils.asp or only if inhaling?

AussieAnnihilation says:

1% = 2 drops
2.5% = 7 drops


Shouldn’t it be 5?

manitobasky says:

1% = 3 drops.

Blaine Jasmin says:

Thank you for doing this video! I’m just starting to use essential oils and this information gives me a good foundation to start with.

Ruth Musser says:

what other videos do you recommend?

Danielle Nelson says:

thank you so much

Ahubbard58 says:

very helpful information!

Sherri West says:

this was helpful!!