Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender Essential oils uses are many. Mostly, lavender is good for those having trouble with falling sleep and staying asleep. Its scent is strong and effects are calming in a comfortable bedroom setting, many people love to add a little to their pillows and sheets inhaling the natural elements in the lavender oil.

Many suffer from travel sickness which lavender oil can help withdraw the effects of nausea and relax stomach. Lavender oil can be add to dryer sheets or clothing to increase more favorable scents. Just apply to used dyer sheets and insert into the dryer to refresh clothes. Those with blocked tea ducts require lavender to loosen the mucus and allow tear flow, just a dab in each duct will work.

Lavender can also help stop nosebleeds with a little ice and tissue, it should be lightly applied to the tissue with a small piece of ice wrapped in and put under the nose. It can cause the source of bleeding to close up.

Always lavender oil can be good for just down time mixed in a pot of tea, the vapors for the tea will help loosen up mucus allowing the nose to clear out, relieve cramps, and ease headaches

There are many lavender essential oil uses.  The rightful name Lavandula, is one of 39 species and comes from the mint family. Lavender is the most commonly used from this family, it’s succulent flowers and scent has been used extensively throughout the world.

The most common use is in Lavender Oil, the plant has mainly been grown for commercial production mostly for the essential oil and bath products industry.

Lavender yields a sweet fragrant essential oil and can be used in perfumes, balms and topical application. Lavender is widely used and can even be used in cooking and decoration of cakes.

Lavender is also used extensively in aromatherapy and is known to have calming effects. It can also be used in the relief of headaches,insect bites and is more often used for relaxation and sleeping problems.

Lavender oil has also been used for inflammatory conditions and if diluted can help with acne and skin burns.