Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil comes from lemons. The lemon is a fruit and comes from a small evergreen tree which is native to Asia. The lemon is yellow in color and is used extensively for culinary and non-culinary purposes globally. It is primarily used for its juice, but the pulp can be used in cooking and the lemon rid is usually used as a garnish.

Lemons are the most popular fruit worldwide and they are high in Vitamin C, and can help in the process of digestion.
Another exciting use of the lemon, is in the form of lemon oil, which has been known to assist in stimulating stress disorders, stomach problems and is also known for it’s anti fungal properties.

Another great use of lemon oil is that if inhaled it can improve alertness and especially improve concentration.


  • Lemon Oil is high in Vitamin C which is excellent in every day use
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Inhaling Lemon assists in the control of Asthma
  • Eradicates the body of intestinal worms.


  • In the cooler winter months reduce your intake as it is harder for the body to eliminate the vitamin c which our bodies cannot store
  • Never drink pure lemon juice, diluted is the best way to consume as in its pure form the acidic properties are known to harm the enamel on the teeth.