Can Coconut Oil Heal Cold Sores?

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is one of those ground-breaking ingredients that have been generally utilized restoratively for a large number of years. One of coconut oil’s less commonly known utilization is as a potential remedy for cold sores.

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that have solid anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibiotic properties, all of which can advance healing as well as help prevent auxiliary infections in wounds caused by the viral infections.

Coconut oil likewise has antiseptic properties which could lessen discomfort. It’s likewise exceptionally moisturizing so it can soothe the region and decline visible symptoms.

Cold sores, which are likewise called fever blisters, are minor, liquid filled blisters that seem bunched in groups close by your lips. A crusted layer will form over blisters after they crack Cold sores could be spread by person to person. They are caused due to the very common herpes simplex germ.

Reasons which Causes Cold Sores:

Physical and emotional pressure Colds or other respiratory infections such as exposure to the wind or sun without the protection hormonal changes. It is critical to keep your hands off of that cold sore! Not exclusively will this speed healing however it will likewise guarantee that you don’t spread the infection to another person. Kissing is off limits obviously! Glass sharing, utensil sharing and towel sharing as well. Moreover, you should need to utilize caution when oil pulling with cold sore. When your cold sore is scabbed over, you ought to supplant your lipstick, toothbrush, or whatever else that has touched that region during the active outbreak. The best method to reintroduce virus is to utilize something that has cold sore contamination.

How to use coconut oil for cold sores?

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that have antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-fungal properties, explicitly capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid. These little good fats are fit for dissolving the external layer of lipid covered viruses, fungus and bacteria. They are much increasingly effective subsequent to being touched by enzymes in the human body, wrecking the invaders from inside too. This incorporates the herpes virus that causes cold sores and numerous different sorts of viruses such as measles and HIV.

These capacities are being concentrated to strengthen immunity, reduce the viral load, and diminish the symptoms of numerous sicknesses that are believed to be hopeless. Coconut oil may not offer a fix either, but rather it helps, particularly with the cold sores.

Coconut oil can be connected topically and taken internally to help treat cold sores. For best outcomes, utilize natural, organic coconut oil.

To apply it topically, begin with a little amount of coconut oil. Apply it specifically to the territory using a cotton swab or cotton ball, scouring it into the blisters tenderly. Wash your hands after in case that you touched the blisters.

You could consume the coconut oil internally by adding it to the food or eating it straight. You can melt it into your coffee, or use it as cooking oil.

Dab it on when you feel the sore begin forming and take it internally as well. 1 to 3 tablespoons daily will enable kill to off that bothersome herpes virus and you will see that cold sore vanish a lot quicker than normal. As a bonus it soothes, mellows, and conditions skin so the imprints smooth out and leave quicker too alongside different imperfections and wrinkles.

Individuals ought to dependably complete a test patch before utilizing oils on their body, as they may have an allergic reaction. To complete a test patch, put a dime-measure spot of the diluted oil on the internal arm. If there is no reaction following 24 hours, the oil is protected to utilize.

Is it effective?

There’s constrained research on coconut oil being utilized explicitly for cold sores, yet there are various studies that indicate diverse health benefits of coconut oil and how effective it very well may be in certain treatments.

Coconut oil contains both lauric or monolaurin acid, two ingredients that have amazing antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Studies have discovered that these ingredients are effective in battling certain viruses, including herpes.

Virgin coconut oil’s calming and pain relieving properties may likewise decrease swelling and enhance healing.

Even though while treating the cold sores with the coconut oil; it’ll set aside some time for them to cure. The primary breakout normally keeps going the longest time is around fourteen days. Consequent breakouts may last around a week; however the coconut oil and different treatments may shave one to three days off each.

Other remedies for cold sores

Despite the professionally prescribed medications and over-the-counter antiviral medications, there are various other option “natural” remedies that can be utilized to heal and lessen cold sore symptoms.

Aloe vera gel is a prime model. Some early research has discovered proof that pure aloe vera connected topically could soothe the uneasiness caused by the cold sores because of its mitigating and healing properties.

Lemon balm is another natural remedy that may help treat cold sores because of its antiviral and calming impacts. An individual from the mint family, a lemon balm infusion or lemon balm can diminish redness and swelling related with the cold sores, enhancing their appearance. In case that your cold sores are on the lips, you can utilize a lip balm containing this fixing to keep your lips moisturized, as well. Use an item containing in 1% lemon balm and no irritating ingredients.

You can apply both of these ingredients topically to your cold sores alongside the coconut oil.


Coconut oil’s antiseptic, calming and antiviral properties are what make it best as a possible cold sore medication. Applying it topically a few times each day is the best method to get the quickest outcomes, without the immersed fats you would get from ingesting it. You can combine it with over-the-counter antiviral cures, or other natural remedies such as lemon balm or aloe vera, to accelerate healing however much as could be possible.