Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential oil has many health benefits including antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, expectorant, sedative and tonic effects.

The use of cedarwood oil dates as far back as the biblical times. It is thus ideal for therapeutic use in many conditions without major side effects.

Naturally cedarwood essential oil is used to sooth users by putting less stress on the nervous system. It works to produce more oxygen to reach skin cells, decrease weight gain, prevent gout, toxins found in blood, irritation of the lungs, normalizing sweat glands, cleansing skin, and tightening skin. All of these are positive effects of cedarwood either used diluted or mixed with other substances. As a natural astringent it tightens skin and tones it to keep it looking healthy and cutting down infection. Outdoors, this is frequently used as an insecticide to ward off bugs naturally repelled by its strong aroma.

Many insect repellants such as tiki torches and candles contain cedar wood oil which has been most effective against flies and mosquitoes. It can also be used directly on the skin for reducing itching from such bites, as its chemical sooth skin and reduce the bite marks without scarring. Inhaled, this oil can alleviate nasal and lung issues mainly asthma improving air flow and boosting blood production creating more oxygen to be processed through the body. The best use for cedar wood oil is using it as tool for sleeping better at night for people afflicted with restless nights. It naturally soothes the body, helping calm the brain and body from daily stress by applying it lightly on furniture or beds for a good night’s rest.

Uses and Benefits

• It is majorly effective against seborrhoeic eczema
• It is great for helping clean wounds and prevents them from becoming septic
• It boosts the body’s immune system and provides protection from various toxins
• It helps in management of arthritis by reducing pain
• It can cure almost all types of muscle spasms
• It helps people with spasmodic conditions sleep better
• It is an excellent general health tonic
• It cures toothaches and strengthens the teeth in the gums
• It is used to cure diarrhea
• It is a good diuretic
• It is effective as an expectorant in clearing coughs and airway congestion
• It is an excellent insect repellent
• It can stimulate menstruation
• It helps cure fungal infections
• As a sedative, it helps alleviate stress and anxiety


• It is all natural
• It is easy to use


• In high concentrations, it causes skin irritation
• It can’t be ingested since it can damage the digestive system
• It should not be used during pregnancy