7 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils Eczema

Introduction To Essential Oils Eczema

lavender essential oil uses

lavender essential oil uses

Essential oils eczema are natural oils that are extracts from plants and natural herbs which contain good  fragrance together with properties of the manufacturing plant from which they were obtained. They are best used to treat a persistent condition characterized by extremely dehydrated skin, inflammation and red clusters of bumps which can develop into scaly, thick and crusty otherwise known as eczema.

Why Essential Oils Eczema?

The needs for eczema to be treated with essential oils is not only for  its natural healing process, but also eliminates the skin from chronic burns and scars in a situation when one needs to avoid the use of  chemical agents to control the eczema or all  other skin infections ( chemotherapy ) . With additional benefits of a very good fragrance that soothes the mind, essential oils eczema also prevent the skin from ever occurring of other skin burns infection like acne, skin swelling, dryness and which heals simultaneously when using the oil.

Types of Essential Oils Eczema

Mostly known essential oils eczema is listed below:

  • Lavender Oil: Has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, easing, and normalizing features. Aside from that it helps the immune system health and is extremely good for getting rid of stress.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil is highly effective oil that can be used mostly and genuinely as anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-parasitic. It cleans the skin and has been well known to reduce skin irritations which include acne, eczema, and burns. It can clear blackheads and blemishes and greatly reduce inflammation and irritation. Eucalyptus will smooth out uneven skin tones.
  • Myrrh Oil: Myrrh oil has been used for so many years and in medieval times as ointment to treat almost every ailment such as chapped skin, wrinkles, skin irritations, scars , eczema and bacteria on the skin.
  • Patchouli Oil: Patchouli oil is extremely fragrant and is known to heal all types of skin conditions. It helps in curing rashes, scars and inflamed skin, acne, dermatitis and eczema. It can be applied as a moisturizing cream to tone and tighten the skin and likewise removing wrinkle.
  • Geranium Oil: Commonly used in skin therapy for its normalizing and balancing characteristics.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Protects the skin from infection and inflammation. It serves as antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal oil. This certainly does not blend as well with other oils simply because it possesses a unique scent.
  • Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon oil: Lemon oil as well as other citrus oils is great for clearing up acne fast by eliminating the excess and residual sebum and oil on the face. It has great healing effect and regenerative qualities most especially when it is mixed or applied to skin care. Lemon oil can lighten ones skin by removing dead or dried skin cells. On the other hand, discoloration of the skin is possible when lemon oil is used if one is exposed to direct sunlight; therefore it is imperative to stay away from the sunlight immediately after using lemon oil.

  • Clary Sage Oil: Is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Sandalwood Oil: Functions as an antiseptic as well as a skin moisturizer. Sandalwood is extremely moisturizing oil which is benefiting dehydrated or dry skin. Sandalwood can easily remove wrinkles and spots. It is also an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which can reduce the occurrence of acne and skin microbe infections.

How To Use

The preferable ways to use essential oils eczema is to make a blend by mixing in proportion and apply to the affected parts. In order to do this, you should mix carrier oil with several drops of the eczema oils. It is advisable to dilute essential oil blend, because they are highly concentrated and could have effects on your skin just like drinking too much water. The carrier oils that are suitable to use with essential oil eczema are almond or jojoba oil , primrose , avocado ; each of these are rich in essential nutrients and most especially omega fatty acids . You can also have a bath with essential oil when mixed with dead sea salt or sea salt (Sodium Chloride).

For every two ounces of carrier oil, mix twenty-five to thirty drops of any essential oils eczema inside and applied to the affected part. Ensure to store it correctly, in a glass container, and keep it from heat and light.

Lavender oil from the list above is one of the essential oils eczema that can be applied ‘neat’ or without dilution.

Take of EczemaBenefits

Some other benefits of essential oil aside eczema

  • Soft skin
  • Good scent
  • Relax muscles
  • Formation of skin cell
  • Consistent blood flow when ingested
  • Reduce constipation by increasing PH of digestive enzyme
  • It enhances immune system

Reactions and Recommendations

After few weeks of continuous application of [easyazon_link identifier=”B010FHRA4G” locale=”US” tag=”incomnoteb-20″]essential oils eczema[/easyazon_link], there will be a total cure of eczema or other related skin infection. You can also have a bath with essential oils eczema mixed with salt to make treatment faster. If essential oils are well blend, they have no adverse effect on the skin.

Most essential oils have significant amounts of health rewards, and by using them, more health advantages will be derived than just treating eczema only. They are all used for aromatherapy and can reduce anxiety and stress, a major trigger for eczema. Give these aromatherapy oils for eczema a try.


Therefore, if you need genuine natural treatment of eczema and other skin burn disease, essential oils eczema are highly recommended by therapeutic expert due to their multiple choice health values and they do advise to make quality use of these products every day because prevention is better than cure.