Essential Oils For Anxiety

One in thirteen people globally suffer from anxiety, that is a huge amount of people suffering and many people rely on their Doctor’s advice for help with this debilitating disorder, or many do nothing. Life stresses, family crisis’s, financial worries and physical illnesses can all bring on many forms of anxiety. Some sufferers of anxiety are now seeking help by turning to essential oils for anxiety. Many people are now looking for a natural option, as many do not like taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that can improve physical health and well-being, as essential oils are natural and come from flowers and plants, they can provide therapeutic benefits in many forms.

To the anxiety sufferer this can be the answer for them in overcoming or helping to control this disorder. Some essential oils have been extremely helpful to people with anxiety, for example,Sweet Orange Oil has a tranquilizer effect and can reduce anxiety when a sufferer cannot sleep. Lavender Oil is known for it’s calming effect and can reduce anxiety and improve mood swings with patients.

Frankincense Oil is the most useful of the essential oils, it has the ability to slow down breathing, and can relax you so that your fear or anxiety subsides. Stress and nervous tension is minimized so if you are unsure which essential oil to use, Frankincense is no doubt the best.

Lemon Oil is another excellent oil, it has actually been proven to help with anxiety. Lemon oil is refreshing and radiant, it can lift your spirits up and can also stimulate your mind. It’s a fantastic oil for the worrier and the elderly who get confused easily, which can trigger an anxiety attack. It is also very refreshing when you add a drop of Lemon oil to your glass of water. Then there are the oils that are blended together, to give a broader effect when used. These oils will usually be used for calming and relaxation and enhances a sense of well-being.

A blend of¬†essential oils for anxiety used for calming, would consist of Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla. It is fantastic if you put drops of this blend into your bath water, relax and enjoy. Another blend of Essential oils is Bergamot, this remarkable blend is made up of citrus oils, and is also used for anxiety because of it’s calming qualities. When using Bergamot Oil, the person who suffers from anxiety and especially depression find it helps to release feelings that would usually lead to depression and mood swings that come on suddenly. Putting some of this oil to the back of your neck will be of great help if you are suffering from insomnia.

Aromatherapy is natural and worth trying, if we can use essential oils to help anxiety or at least lessen the severity of attacks, then it is a healthy and beneficial way to go. Try blending your own essential oils as this is a great way to find exactly what works for you, or alternatively visit an Aromatherapist who can help select the essential oils that will hopefully reduce your anxiety and bring peace and a sense of well being to your life.