Essential Oils to Disinfect the Air

Irritated Smell Due to Weather Condition:

Homes are places where we come back from hectic routine and thus want to spend time with extreme easiness and leisure. However, in some specific seasons like winters and autumn, due to rain and dampness a specific smell takes place in the home. Such smelly surroundings not only put a very discomforting feel in fact these also bring various sort of mood swings when you start to feel irritated or disturbed.

Irritated Smell Due to Attached Bathrooms:

Moreover, in various cases it has been seen that attached bathroom in the homes where kids live produce an irritating smell no matter how hard you try to keep your bathrooms clean. This is because kids are often unacknowledged regarding basic rules of hygiene. So they use the bathroom and come out without flushing. This smell can produce feelings of vomiting or they can force you to puke.

Using Artificial Sprays To Fragrant Air:

So to avoid all these things sometimes people use sprays to reduce smells. However these artificial fragrance enriched sprays only make the air highly fragrant that feels unnatural, artificial, and irritated on nerves on most of the people. Moreover, if you are diffusing such sprays in the gathering they start producing very strange smell that’s not pleasant at all.

  1. The fragrance doesn’t pleasant the surroundings instead fill the atmosphere with artificial smell of a scent.
  2. This smell remains in the surrounding for sometimes and after that whole atmosphere gets smelly once again.
  3. These sprays cannot be used when so many people around as the smell mixed with breathing and sweat becomes even disturbing.

Real Solution Is Using Essential Oils:

Now the real solution in this regard is using essential oils. These essential oils are made by using natural substance and ingredients and fill the surrounding with very pleasant soft smell that makes the overall atmosphere naturally fresh. These smells aren’t usually smelled rather felt. These essential oils can be used from indoor to bathrooms and from kitchen to toilets everywhere. The best thing and about using essential oils are:

  1. Essential oils are naturally filed with therapeutic properties. Hence, when you use them in your homes, these offer a pleasant feel in the area along with it also improve your mood.
  2. The smell of essential oils is completed with therapeutic properties that improve your mental health and people with depression feel revealed.
  3. These essential oils are also used in the spas and massage centers in order to keep their clients happy.
  4. These essential oils are made with natural ingredients hence they don’t bring any sort of side effect for your body.

Best Essential Oils to Disinfect the Air:

1.    Lemon Essential Oil:

If you always feel tired and down mood, then lemon essential oil is best for you to disinfect the air. Lemon has got great properties that not only fill the air with freshness in fact these also offer a strange change in your mood when you feel energetic than before.

2.    Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil:

I use cinnamon oil especially in the summers when everything is producing heat. Cinnamon leaves are filled with sharp freezing feel hence when I diffuse them in my home, a very pleasant and serene feel fill the surrounding. It also keeps my home fragrant for so long.

3.    Red Mandarin Essential Oil:

Red mandarin essential oil is known for its fruity smell and very amazing properties. This is one of those oils which can be used in the combination with other oils. Hence, if you want to get something new melding the Red Mandarin with cinnamon or lemon can give you an entirely new fragrance.