How to Grow Your Hair Faster and Reduce Hair Loss

The quest for longer, more powerful hair: most of us want it right? However what’s the best means to get there? Today Morgan shares her ideal hair pointers along with hair growth on the ST. TROPICA Hair Mask:

The BeautyBreakdown breaks down the active ingredients, focuses on her hair showing the real outcomes “Prior to & Afters”, and provides the proven researches.

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Riffat Siraj says:

what i would do to have hair like yours 😐😔

Subeksha Shakya says:

can i find this oil in Nepal?

Jasmine Fallock says:

It is so refreshing to watch an actual informative video. I am obsessed
with hair care and I binge watch videos almost every day in search of
anything new I might be able to learn. Most times I never completely agree
with peoples tips and/or opinions. I like that you did your research. I
almost died when you mentioned the molecules in coconut oil being small
enough to penetrate the hair shaft… seems like no one knows this stuff!
You rock! Also, I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one closely
monitoring my hair shedding.

Patrice Nabong says:

Hi! Do you sell it here in the Philippines? Can I buy it at Watson?

Angela Gomez says:

What is your personal channel?

Emma Hepburn says:

Hi there! Great Video, you really helped!
Could I ask what camera you use please?

Michelle XO says:

How did you get sponsored and where can I buy this product from

Mary Moir says:


maria choquehuanca says:

HI if we have short hair do we still put the whole packed?


Hi Maria,
Thanks so much for your inquiry! With short hair, it can still depend on
how dense & thick/thin it may be. We suggest you saturate your hair with
our hair mask formula: really work it in, including your scalp. You can
always temporarily re-seal any unused portion with a paper-clip, or clothes
peg, or zip lock bag etc. for use at a later date… but just don’t
microwave it a second time. If re-heating unused portions it’s always
better to use the hot water/kettle heating method. Thanks again & we hope
you love the product! – Team ST. TROPICA