Top 7 Health Benefits of Holy Basil Essential Oil

Holy Basil plant is also known as Tulsi. The herb belongs to the mint family and regarded as the king of herbs. The plant has silky, green leaves that are pointed, and has white flowers.  Holy basil essential oil is extracted from the herb, which has an unusual, strong smell and prominent taste.  The oil is composed of natural vitamins and other properties. The vitamins and others useful features make the oil an important source of health benefits, which include;

  1. Treatment of Respiratory Disorders

Holy basil essential oil contains cineole, camphene, and eugenol.  These components aid in the curing of bacterial, viral and fungal infections in your respiratory system.  The oil is very effective and cures almost all respiratory disorders, including chronic and acute bronchitis.

  1. Source of Vitamins A and C

Holy basil essential oil contains organic vitamins A and C. Therefore; it is an excellent source of the vitamins for your body.  Besides, the oil contains calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium.  All these add quality to its health properties.

  1. Fever treatment

Holy basil essential oil contains phytonutrients, which makes it possess incredible healing properties.  The oil protects your body from any viral, bacterial and fungal infections, as the mother plant is a germicidal, fungicidal, antibiotic and disinfectant agent. Infections that results from protozoa, viruses, bacteria, fungus and allergic substances causes fever in your body. However, the potent fungicidal, germicidal and disinfectant properties of the oil make it effective in destroying the pathogens and the illness posed by the pathogens.

  1. Curing of Lung Disorders

The holy basil essential oil contains Cineole, Eugenol, Vitamin C and Camphene.  All these compounds cure any infection in the lung, as well as congestion of your lungs.  Also, these compounds heal any damage of the lungs, resulting from lung cancer, smoking, and tuberculosis.  Also, the antibiotic property of the oil enables it to cure tuberculosis.

  1. Ease of stress
Heart Health

Heart Health

The oil contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which aids in repairing damages caused by free radicals, and also reduce stress posed by the oxidants. These work by soothing the nerves, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and hence reduce the stress. One of the primary antioxidants is Camphene. The potassium found in the oil reduces stress caused by blood pressure, by making tense blood vessels loose, and replacing sodium.

  1. Heart Health

The oil contains vitamins C, eugenol, and other antioxidants.  These work by protecting your heart from dangerous effects resulting free radicals. Furthermore, the eugenol benefits you by lowering cholesterol levels in your blood.

  1. Detoxification of kidney stones

The essential oil is a detoxifier, besides being a gentle diuretic.  The oil reduces the levels of uric acid in your body.  Besides, the oil cleans your kidneys by increasing your frequency of urination. Furthermore, the oil has Acetic acid and some other components, which enables the dissolution of stones. Also, the oil has some pain killer effects, which helps you to withstand the pain caused by kidney stones as they get eliminated.

In conclusion, the oil offers significant health benefits, besides other uses, such as skin care, oral and dental care, protecting the body from harmful ultraviolet rays and as an anti-aging product. Also, the oil is used after one undergoes surgery as it heals wounds quickly, besides protecting the wounds from any infection.