Safe Essential Oils for Babies

Has your baby caught a cold or having trouble sleeping? Do you want the safest way to treat the illness of your toddler? I have a number of essential oils that will boost your child’s immune system and help him recover more naturally. Nowadays, people are concerned about the side effects of allopathic medicines and looking for essential oils for their babies that mobilize their innate self-healing process. So many well-meaning parents prefer essential oils for their Children.

Over many years essential oils are considered a wonderful natural remedy to ease the stuffy nose or combat cough and fever.

Rosemary essential oil: is extracted from the scented rosemary plant. The oil contains cineole, which promotes relaxation and relieves nasal decongestion.

Generally, essential oils are not recommended for kids under six months of age due to its risks. Because in the past few years, many cases have been reported about the toxic exposure of essential oils to younger children.

The concentrated essential oils pose threats to a child’s life. So you either use less potent oil or dilute the concentrated ones.

Essential oils, if ingested by a baby, can have severe consequences. So keep them away from your child and don’t add them directly to your child’s food. This video will provide you with information on how to safely use essential oils with babies and kids.