8 Symptoms For The Food Addiction Help

Food is the first love of every person but the real problem arises when he or she requires the food addiction help. Sometimes it becomes hard to find out that if a person is addictive to food or not. Thus to find out the answer to this solution a survey was conducted.

Based on the answers that we got from people around the world here are a few symptoms that provide the indications that a person requires food addiction help.

Cravings on full stomach

It often happens that when you have consumed a completely healthy and tasty meal still you crave for something else. This is a very uncommon situation. You can take the example that you have eaten a meal consisting of steak and potatoes but you still want a desert even on a full stomach.

It is a situation in which you are not hungry but still your brains wants you to eat more. This does not mean that you have a problem. However, if this is continuously happening with you then you should be worried. This is not a demand for energy by the body but only the release of dopamine.

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Eating more than you require

This is one of the common symptoms for the food addiction help. In this situation, the mind does not consider that everything will be beneficial if consumed in a moderate amount. Instead, it urges you to eat by displaying that a little will not harm you.

However, the problem arises that when you reach from a single bite to numerous there is no stopping. The food addict will face the all or none situation. If you tell him to eat moderately it will be the biggest joke to his ears.

Eating until you are stuffed

In most of the cases, it often happens that a person starts to have a craving. As a result, he or she starts to eat that food item. What happens next is after feeling full they still cannot stop from consuming that product.

The person keeps on eating until he or she feels like they are about to puke. This is the point where their craving is satisfied. This makes you feel like you are completely stuffed. This is a problem in almost 36% of the people. Thus, we can say that it is somewhat common.

Feel guilty but repeating the process

This is a common human reaction that when he takes a bad decision or does a bad task he feels guilty afterward. The same things happen with the food addict. After he has consumed more than the requirements he promises to never do such a thing again.

This is a common problem among the overweight individuals who are on a strict diet plan. When they cheat on the diet they feel guilty, however, with the passage of time the repeat their mistake. Thus, it is a visible symptom of food addiction help.

Making excuses

There often comes a time when we make a firm decision that we will avoid all the unhealthy food items. That is a good decision but being a food addict, it takes a lot of willpower to accomplish this task. The real test starts when you see someone eating junk in front of you and the craving kicks in. This is the time when you have to control yourself.

This is the time when the urge to have a piece of junk food is the strongest. Thus, if you have a weak will power you will start to make lame excuses and as a result, soon you will be enjoying the food item you thought of not eating for a particular amount of time.

Failing while setting rules

It is a common practice that when people are struggling to maintain their life they often make rules for themselves that helps them to manage. The same is the case with a food addict when he wants to consume only the healthy and balanced diet.

If you are in need of the food addiction help then setting such rules for yourself will be pointless. As first you will keep a single cheat day and the duration will start to increase and at the end, there will come a time when you will be back to your same old routine.

Not telling others about your consumption

It is a common practice that when people fail at setting rules for themselves the start to hid the food items they consume from others. Thus, they begin to have meals when no one is around them like alone in the home or car or late at night when other are sleeping.

You will make sure that no one knows what you are consuming because it will make you feel ashamed at the end. So it feels like a better option to hide.

Having physical problems but unable to stop

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The food we consume is displayed on both our mental and physical health. Especially the junk and the unhealthy food items we consume often lead to many physical problems and the biggest ones are is obesity, acne, bad breath and poor dental health.

It might also lead to some of the severe problems like diabetes, Alzheimer, and even cancer. The real case of the food addict arises that they cannot stop from consumption of junk despite knowing the results.

Even in some of the cases, people are suffering from such disease but they could not stop the craving and fall for the food items they love to eat.

So if you are having some of these symptoms you must consult a doctor for the food addiction help. As they will provide you with the perfect guidance on how to deal with such craving and consume the unhealthy food in a limited portion.

Healthy eating is essential because only then we will be able to live a long and prosperous life. so start the balanced and healthy diet today before it is too late.