Beginner Steps to Excellent Nutrition

Improve your metabolism and lower stress by eating more proteins

By eating more proteins, your metabolism will be enhanced, making the following changes much easier.  Protein raises your metabolic rate, which determines the number of calories you burn when resting.  Studies indicate that diets rich in protein increase metabolism 80-100 calories in a day as opposed to diets low in protein.  Besides, proteins have the capacity to lower your appetite; hence you eat fewer calories.

The results of a study showed that eating diets with 30% protein led to an automatic reduction of calories intake of 449 in a day.  Without avoiding anything, the individuals lost 4.9kgs within 12 weeks.  Enough proteins have others benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones and others.

Fish, poultry, eggs, meat, seafood and full-fat dairy products are good protein sources. Legumes and beans are also good, but they should get prepared well.  1.5-2.5g of proteins are recommended for every kilogram of body weight.

Take healthy breakfast, which has eggs

The breakfast of most individuals is either cereals or something related to grains.   However, these are bad starters as many breakfast portions of cereal contain refined carbs and sugar.  Therefore, eating such for breakfast will raise your blood sugar levels, which will lower after some hours, requiring you to eat another high-card meal.

Your breakfast should entail eggs.  Eggs are the best foods for breakfast, as they have high proteins, different nutrients, and healthy fats.

Also, some studies show that replacing grain-based breakfast with eggs aids in loss of fats.  If you have reason hindering you from taking eggs, the best alternative is high protein and nutrient defense foods.

Avoid unhealthy fats and oils with healthy fats and oils

Your healthy will be impacted positively by replacing unhealthy fats and oils with healthy ones.   Most people eat very unhealthy fats, which include refined vegetable oils and trans fats.

Nevertheless, the consumption of trans fats have reduced over the past decades and years, but the consumption is still high.

To avoid the use of trans fats, ensure you read labels on foodstuffs.  You should avoid any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats.

Also, refined vegetable oils have are a concern.   The oils are composed of different elements, as compared to natural fats, making them higher in omega six fatty acids.  Such oils include soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and others.  The oils cause inflammation and oxidative damage in your body, increasing your cancer and heart disease risks.

Saturate or mono-saturated fats such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grass-fed butter, whole nuts and others are healthy.

Avoid taking fruit juices and sugar-sweetened beverages

Apart from sugar being bad, sugar in liquid form is dangerous.  From studies, the brain does not indicate liquid sugar calories, as with calories from in other foods.  Even if you take as many calories as possible from soda, the sugars are not considered by the brain when controlling your energy balance.

By adding whole food to your diet, your brains account for the additional calories, which is not the case with calories from liquid sugar.

A study shows that taking a serving of sweetened beverages a day is connected to 60% obesity risk in children.  Besides, other studies show sugar-sweetened beverages causes fattening in the modern diet.  Sugars in fruit juice are equal to those in a sugary soft drink.


Exercising improves your physical and mental health.  Besides, it prevents diseases. Exercises alone cannot lead to desired weight loss. However, you might lose fat and gain muscles.

Apart from excellent benefits gained from exercises, they lead to improved mood and reduced depression.   For healthy benefits from exercise, they should combine cardiovascular and your enjoyable activities.

Use healthier foods instead of refined carbs, modern wheat, and sugar

You should replace sugar and refined carbs in your diet. Besides being unhealthy, they are low in nutrient and fiber, which leads to overeating, resulting in diseases and metabolic issues.  Unlike old wheat varieties, modern wheat is vulnerable patients with celiac and individuals with the gluten allergy.

Avoid unhealthy carb sources and instead use healthy carbs in your diets.  Some of the best carb sources include fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and healthy grains like oats, legumes, quinoa and rice.

Replace your dinner with fish, meat, and vegetables

You should replace your dinner meal with meals having either fish or meat, accompanied with loads of nutritious vegetables.  Dinner is the easiest meal to add many vegetables.  Also, you can add starches like rice and potatoes to your meal.  Besides, you should eat fatty fish once or twice a week to get healthy omega -3s.  Alternatively, take fish oil supplement.

Let your activities and metabolic health determine your carb intake

Carbs are a controversial nutrient, with some people thinking it should be the biggest part of the diet and others thinking they are poisonous.  However, factors such as activity levels, your preference, food culture, and metabolic health determine your optimal carb intake.  If you are lean, healthy and lift weights, you can eat many carbs, but if you are overweight, and rarely exercise, you should eat low –carb diet.

Have enough sleep and reduce your stress levels

Your health can be impacted adversely by a lack of enough sleep and increased levels of stress.  Studies connect the lack of enough sleep to obesity and dangerous diseases.   The greatest risk for weight gain is short sleep duration.  It increases obesity risk to 89% in children and 55% in adults.

Different ways of enhancing sleep exist, such as having a consistent sleeping schedule, sleeping in a room full of darkness and avoiding evening and afternoon caffeine intake.

Besides, stress is a lifestyle factor, with excess pressure increasing your levels of cortisol hormone.  The hormone results to increased fat gain in your abdominal cavity, as well as increasing your health problems.  Although stress is not easy to deal with, you should meditate to lower the levels and avoid when if possible.

Eating healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches

Lunches and snacks are challenging too many people, as they are not taken at home. Cooking excess dinner is the best way to ensure you eat leftovers for a healthy lunch the following day.  However, you can replace the leftovers with healthy fast foods, but you should be sure of the places to eat.

Nevertheless, you can take snacks for lunch but ensure they are healthy.  Such include nuts and fruits, or boiled eggs and some carrots.

Avoid processed foods and eat quality foods

You should cut all unhealthy and processed foods, such as cereals, soda, pastries, processed foods, bread, flour, and sugar. Instead, eat quality foods but avoiding anything with artificial ingredients.

Lifetime commitment to health enhancement

You should get committed to healthy and nutritious diets, by reading widely and sticking to healthy foods.