Best Vitamins for Memory Improvement

Vitamins for memory are essential to improving and sustaining your memory.  The vitamins are obtained in the foods we eat, to keep the brain healthy.  The brain is the most vital organ for storage of remembrance, learn things and recalling memory.   Your diet might lack these best vitamins for memory improvement, hence the need to have vitamin supplements for the compensation.  Nevertheless, all vitamins are necessary, but the here are the best vitamins for memory improvement, in all individuals with a sluggish memory.

Vitamin B6

To improve your memory, you should continue supplementing the vitamin.  Besides, aiding in memory improvement, the vitamin increases your brain capacity of storing information, as well as the capability to retain the information.

Vitamin E

The vitamin contains loads of antioxidant properties. Besides, it prevents the damage of brain nerves, which results from the lack of oxygen.  Additionally, Vitamin E prevents you from memory loss caused by old age.  Improvement of memory among the elders has been proven to be initiated by Vitamin E. Furthermore, the vitamin does not prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but also delays its acceleration in individuals already affected.

Pills with b9 folic acid

Vitamin B9

The vitamin is also known as folic acid.  The greatest function of the vitamin is promoting red blood cells production.   Red blood cells bring nutrients and oxygen to your brain, making it healthy and productive.  Besides, the folic acid lowers your memory loss occurrence rate.

Vitamin B12

The vitamin functions differently from Vitamins B6 and B9. As opposed to the vitamins, this vitamin reduces your homocysteine amino acids levels.  The homocysteine amino acids get connected to poor functioning of the brain.  Besides, the vitamin has a rare capability of repairing damaged nerve fibers.  Nevertheless, for effective memory improvement, vitamin B12 combines well with vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

Similar to vitamin E, the vitamin is antioxidant.  Therefore, the vitamin protects you from memory loss resulting from old age and other associated factors.

Vitamin D

The vitamin can be obtained freely from solar energy.  Apart from weak bone formation due to the vitamin deficiency, your brain cannot form new memories if the vitamin lacks. In older people, deficiency of the vitamin gets associated with loss of remembrance.  Therefore, supplementing the vitamin to your diet with not only mitigate the problems but also lead to improved memory.

Choline vitamin

Although most people do not know the vitamin, it plays a center role in memory functioning of the brain.  The vitamin produces a different neurotransmitter, called acetylcholine provide to the brain part dealing with memory.  If the levels of choline in your brain are healthy, you are less

Choline vitamin

likely to lose your mind.  Similar to vitamin choline, vitamin Thiamine also produces neurotransmitters which enhance your memory.

Although these are the best vitamins for memory improvement, there exist other vitamins which aid in memory improvement, such as acetyl-L-carnitine, which increases mitochoria activity in the brain.   However, you should feed your brain with the correct food and vitamin supplements to ensure your memory is at peak.