Foods to Help Fight Inflammation

Just as eating certain foods can exacerbate inflamed problem areas, there are foods and food types that can be consumed that can help reduce inflammation.

Making healthy food choices for reducing inflammation is a great start to managing arthritic pain. It is also very empowering to take simple steps yourself that can improve your condition and reduce your pain and discomfort.

Any time you are able to this by employing diet and lifestyle factors, rather than simply taking “medicine” you will be doing your health a huge favor.

Here are a few foods you may like to add to your diet plan to help win the fight against inflammation.

Green Leafy Vegetables

As always, ‘green leafy vegetables’ are foods you can easily add to your anti-inflammatory diet. There are many green vegetables to choose from, such as broccoli, bok choy, spinach etc.

If you don’t like your greens or are sick of being told to eat them up, try having green vegetable smoothies instead!

Fatty Fish – For Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and other fatty fish are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for reducing inflammation. To achieve maximum benefit, cook your fish in a healthy manner. Avoid fried and salted fish. Instead, opt for baked, boiled or steamed fish, and try not to overcook.

If you can eat fatty fish on a regular basis you will boost your health massively! Fresh fish is always better than taking fish oils supplements, however, if you can’t get enough in your diet, it is still very beneficial to supplement when necessary

Kelp – ‘Fucoidan’

Kelp is a good source of the anti-inflammatory compound known as fucoidan. Fucoidan is a complex carbohydrate and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Fucoidan has other benefits too. It is beneficial for collagen synthesis and its fiber content promotes a feeling of fullness. It also helps lower the speed of fat absorption. Both these benefits are appreciated by those looking to lose weight.

Other rich sources of fucoidan include wakame, kombu and arame.


Studies have shown that turmeric beats even ginger when it comes to fighting inflammation and arthritis. You may also try curcumin, which is the most active compound of turmeric.

Cacao – Nature’s Chocolate

The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology reveals that cacao helps fight inflammation because it has the ability to decrease the levels of inflammatory chemicals found in the body. Just make sure to choose the dark chocolate.

Red Grapes

Red grapes contain resveratrol which helps lower levels of inflammation by controlling nitric oxide levels, which can be responsible for cellular damage and inflammation.


Indeed, an apple a day keeps inflammation at bay. The Journal of Neuroscience reveals that an apple has the ability to suppress inflammation proteins because of its quercetin content. Pineapples and blueberries also contain quercetin.

Pineapples additionally contain an enzyme, known as bromelain, another anti-inflammatory fighter.


Celery has become extremely popular in helping with arthritis and inflammation. Many supplements made with celery seeds are available for this purpose. Celery is an easy food to keep fresh in your fridge for nibbling on daily.

From the list above, add as many as you can to your next grocery list. Chronic inflammation doesn’t have to be accepted as unavoidable in your life, however the onus is on you to take action to overcome it.