Are Low Carb Bars Healthy?

Diets with low carb are excellent

I believe that low carb diets have the ability to cure major health problems in the world.   As per researches carried out, more than 20 random controlled experiments are evidence that low carb diets are the best choices for treating obesity and metabolic issues such as diabetes.

Certainly, low carb diets are the best option compared to low-fat diet, which mainstream nutrition organization recommends, but totally ineffective.  Besides the menus working efficiently due to the aspect of low carb, the primary reasons for the effectiveness of the diets is that force people to eat real and unprocessed foods unlike before.

The sad thing is that Atkins bars are not real foods but products that are highly processed in factories.   Although these Atkins bars are termed as low carb, you should not eat the bars because of the following reasons.

Which ingredients make Atkins bars?

If you want to know more about any food product, you should look at the ingredients list.  However, the best foods do not require an ingredient list, since they are whole foods and not processed foods.

The ingredients of Atkins Advantage bar comprises of; palm oil, palm kernel, chocolate flavored coating, artificial flavor, soy lecithin, whey protein isolate cocoa powder processed with alkali, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, peanut butter flavored layer. The layer comprises of palm oil, palm kernel, maltitol and many other ingredients.

Real food is better, then Low Carb bars

From the many ingredients in the Atkins Advantage bar, it is clear that real food is petite.  Atkins Advantage bar is mainly made from ingredients which are highly refined, which are combined with artificial chemicals.

Some of the things to learn from the ingredient list of the product include;

  • Soy. Atkins bar comprises of various soy-derived products, which might lead to different problems.
  • Artificial flavor. The flavors appear twice in the ingredient list, giving an implication that loads of additional but synthetic chemicals in the product are many.
  • Is any user of Atkins bar should know that the bars have nutrient which are not natural but nutrients which are synthetic and made in the factory.
  • Sugar alcohols. Maltitol is used in sweetening Atkins bars.  The Maltitol is a sugar alcohol with minimal effects on blood sugar and can generate digestive problems.
  • Artificial sweeteners. Although it is complicated, evidence exists indicating that artificial sweetener can lead to weight gain and other health concerns.

It is now clear that the Atkins bars are not real food but products which are highly processed and composed of; hence, with some having some potential harm.

Are the net carbs real?

Products with processed low carb are attached with labels indicating that they have a specific amount of net carbs.   Although processed products have an unusual amount of carbohydrate, a bigger part of the carbohydrates cannot be digested.  These elements entail fiber and some sugar alcohols.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that manufacturers of food label their products to deceive people.   Additionally, the claim of net carb is not regulated by either the FDA or any agency involved in regulation, hence the claims cannot be trusted.

Although various cases are claiming that the products have low carb which can increase the blood sugar other natural products exists, no real study has ever been conducted to show the effects of Atkins bars on health.   However, there are people in chat forums experiencing digestive issues and delayed weight loss after consuming the bars.

Any food with low carb junk remains to be junk food

Although the Atkins bars are processed foods, you can treat yourself occasionally with the bars to satisfy hunger in cases where you are traveling, but the places have no healthy low carb meals.   Most likely you can eat the bars at different times without avoiding your regular low carb diet and without moving out of ketosis.

Nevertheless, it is recommendable you spend your money on natural and unprocessed foods, such as vegetables and meat. Additionally, just know that any low carb junk food remains to be junk food.