Surprising Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Apple cider vinegar pills benefits can never be ignored especially when it is utilized in the kitchen to add some flavor to the meals. It has been utilized since ages because of the healthy benefits. This is the reason that it is not only a staple kitchen product but also utilized in the manufacturing of beauty products.

So here, we have some of the surprising ways in which you can use the apple cider vinegar.

Control blood sugar

Studies have shown that people suffering from diabetes can control their sugar level with the consumption of apple cider vinegar. It has been proved that if your take the vinegar with a high-carb meal it will enhance the insulin sensitivity up to 34 percent. However, in case that you are taking medications make sure to consult your physician before taking apple cider vinegar.

Help in Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar has been famous for its weight loss benefits since ages. It has been proved that if you will consume the vinegar before a meal it will provide with the following benefits:

  • Satisfied by consuming less food
  • Intake fewer calories
  • Reduce belly fats
  • Weight reduction

BRAGG Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Food preservation

It has been used as a preservative and in pickling. It will make the food more acidic. So that the bacterial growth can be prevented and the food products will remain fresh for a long duration of time. it can be regarded as the natural preservative and has no side effects.


Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties. This is the reason that it has been utilized as a deodorizing agent. All you have to do is mix it with water and add it in the bottle.

Now spray the mixture in the area with the bad smelling agents. Within few seconds, you will notice that the bad smell has vanished. It will also help to keep the air clean from germs and bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar pills benefits in salads

There are many amazing kitchen uses of Apple cider vinegar. You can turn it into a salad dressing. It will provide you healthier benefits and flavor than the regular white vinegar. So it is the time that you try something new and add some new taste in your healthy salad.

Lower cancer risk

Some of the studies have proved that Apple cider vinegar can help to lower the risks of esophageal cancer. When placed in a test tube it was noticed that it has been killing the cancerous cells. On the other hand, it has also been noticed that with the excessive consumption of vinegar it might enhance the risk of bladder cancer. Therefore, we can say that there is no enough evidence to prove the benefits.

Apple cider vinegar effective natural solution for house cleaning personal and pets care

All-purpose Cleaner

As we already mentioned that Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties so it can be regarded as the perfect alternative for the chemical based industrial home cleaners. In order to prepare your natural cleaner, all you have to do is:

  • Take a cup of water and add half cup of Apple cider vinegar in it
  • Mix well and store it in a clean bottle
  • Pour the mixture on the dirty surface and clean

You will get better results from the industrial cleaners that you often use. It will help you to save your money and time.

Cure a sore throat

It has been utilized to cure a sore throat since ages. All you have to do is mix the vinegar in water and gargle. It will kill all the bacteria in your throat that are causing the problem. Keep in mind to never directly use the vinegar because its acidic nature might cause burns in your mouth and esophagus.

Facial Toner - VinegarFacial Toner

Apple cider vinegar has been used to reduce the signs of aging and cure the skin issues. It can be utilized as a perfect skin toner. In order to make a natural skin facial follow the given steps:

  • Add 1 part of vinegar in 2 parts of water
  • Use a cotton pad to apply it on the skin
  • Keep the mixture diluted in case you have sensitive skin

Boil eggs

When you are boiling the eggs you have to make sure that they firm up quickly so that their shape will not be ruined. So in this case adding a small amount of Apple cider vinegar to the water will speed up the coagulation process of the eggs. So even if the shell is broken you will not have to worry about the eggs getting de-shaped.


One of the most popular uses of the Apple cider vinegar is as a marinade. It can be used on the steaks and meat to give them a sour and sweet flavor. Add some garlic, peppers, and onion to the vinegar and you will get the best marination for your meat.

Wash food items

As the farmers, use pesticides to save their fruits and vegetables to their residues are always present even when you have washed them with water. In such chemicals will get into your body it might lead to many harmful consequences.

So if you want to protect your body from the dangerous bacteria make sure to wash them with Apple cider vinegar. It will kill all the harmful microbes and you will get the healthy benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rinse hair

Mix one part of vinegar with one part of water and you can dilute it more if you have sensitive skin. Apply it on the hair and leave for a few minutes before you wash your hair. It will provide you with a special shine and the product build up will be removed from your scalp.

So make the vinegar a part of your home and not only the kitchen. With all such amazing apple cider vinegar pills benefits, every woman would love to stock it in their homes. So on your next visit to the supermarket does not forget to bring this miraculous liquid.