Top 15 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on a Low-Carb Healthy Diet

People try different things in order to lose their weight. According to the scientific fact it is concluded that Low-crab healthy diets are effective and helpful. There are 15 top reasons which shows that why a person don’t lose weight on a low-crab diet.

You are losing fat

When a person stand above weight machine and consider the weight then sometimes the scale goes up and sometimes it goes down.  Losing weight and losing fats both are totally different things. Do not rely only on the weight machine consider other items also i.e. measuring tape in order to measure your waist.

High amount of carbohydrates

Sometimes the reason is that the intake of carbohydrates is too high. Simply try to reduce your daily crab limit. One should also use a little amount of coconut oil in their diet. The oil contains MSTs i.e. Medium chain triglycerides. Due to the presence of MCTs, it is easily digestible and is important for abrupt energy.


Only healthy food and exercise is not important. A person’s hormonal environment should be favorable. There are many reasons behind stress. Now a day’s people mostly suffer from emotional stress. The stress is due to family, finances or work. Cortisol is produced in human body due to stress. It is a stress hormone. It helps in breaking down of tilt muscle and increase the fat storage in body. Type 2 diabetes generally caused due to this. A person can easily get rid of it by learning effective stress management methods and identifying stress. Chronic stress also makes you hungrier and

You are not enjoying real food

This is refined and processed form of food. It is not considered to be a healthy food. One should eat the high quality food. Keep your diet real and try to avoid unhygienic and refined food as much as possible. Try to eat pure and fresh vegetables and avoid the food items which contains large amount of sugar in it. Try to replace the carbohydrates with healthy and real food. Refined foods are not real and provide no real nutrition to person. If you want to lose weight then try to eat healthy and pure food i.e. vegetables, fish, eggs and healthy fats. One should try to replace the crabs with nutritious and real food. In order to lose body weight one should stick to fish, vegetables, meats, healthy fats and eggs.

You are eating large amount of Nuts

Nuts are real food and contain a large amount of fats in it. 70% of calories which serves as fats are present in almonds. Nuts contain high energy density and large amount of calories.

Healthy Tips

Proper sleep is important in order to stay healthy and fresh. Sleep is important for human health and according to research it is concluded that the lack of sleep move towards obesity and weight gain. A lack of sleep make person feels hungrier. If you are feeling from sleep disorder then you should immediately talk to your doctor.  There are some tips which are considered important in order to avoid disorderness of sleep. These are as follows:

  • Always try to sleep in darkness
  • Avoid any exercise or alcohol before going to bed
  • Before sleeping, try to do something relaxing i.e. reading.

When a person sleeps in a proper way then he/she will remain healthy and strong.

Much intake of Dairy products

The dairy products are high in proteins and low in crabs. Milk is considered to be a biggest downfall. Milk is beneficial for human body. It contains high amount of calcium and proteins. Milk also contains 5% of crab present in it.  Dairy products contain a large amount of protein which is the result of proteins in human body.

Not sufficient fat

In order to lose body weight one should eat more fat. By doing this one will be able to lose its appetite. Don’t fear the fat. Just eat them and all such things will helps in reducing your appetite due to which you will be able to lose your body weight.

Eating little

Try to eat healthy and more food. If you eat more food you will not feel hungry. The problem is that we think eating less amount of food will make us thin and smart. No, it’s a wrong concept. Human body is made up of different parts. Different parts have different functionality and purpose. All the parts work effectively when a person feel energetic and healthy. A proper diet should be taking in order to keep the body healthy and strong.

Have some patience

This is one of the biggest lessons. Having patience is one of the important things. Losing weight is a time consuming task to perform. It involves patience and tolerance.

Not proper exercise

The problem may be the exercise. You are not doing the exercise in a proper way. Exercise is considered critical for both mental and physical health. The exercise helps in increasing your metabolism level; it will make you feel awesome and your muscles strong.  Exercise includes interval training, low intensity and weight lifting.


You are eating more sweets. There are some sweets which do not contains large amount of calories but it affects the person’s appetite level.

Medical condition

There are a large number of medicines which serves stimulate weight gain. Before using the medicine, first of all check the list of drugs present in it.  If there are any side effects of using the medicine then immediately talk to your doctor and get the complete information related to it.

You are eating all the time

Another major problem is that you are always eating. This leads to body fats. Generate some specific time in a day and eat only at time. Eat proper food but only at proper time and avoid eating all the day.


Some people believe that they will get smart if they do fasting for 12 to 36 hours. This concept is totally wrong. Fating will not help in making the person smart.


People try different method and strategies in order to look smart and slim. According to the scientific fact it is concluded that Low-crab healthy diets are useful and helpful.